Mark Hudson has a passion to make a difference in the lives of those who use Tas Wellbeing services in Remedial Massage, Scenar Therapy, Naturopathy and Meridian Therapy.

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About Mark

Mark is the owner of Tas Wellbeing and has been working in the naturopathy industry since 2002, passionate about helping people feel their best. Always on the lookout for new ways to update his skills and his experience, Mark has his finger on the pulse (pun absolutely intended) when it comes to staying up to date with trends in the industry regularly attending seminars and conferences. 


““I have a passion to empower you to live a healthier life so you can experience the enjoyment and freedom of living your life to it’s full potential.”



Our Solutions

Remedial Massage

Muscle Tension/Stress

Are you suffering from niggling joint pain? Perhaps a sporting injury or general tension? Our therapist, Mark Hudson can tailor a remedial massage treatment to suit your needs and leave you feeling refreshed.

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SCENAR Therapy


This revolutionary and non-invasive treatment can be used standalone or in conjunction with other therapy techniques to offer effective, natural pain relief, relief from inflammation and speed up the natural healing processes.

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As the name suggests, naturopathy is taking a natural approach to treating a wide range of conditions and their associated symptoms. At Tas Wellbeing, we are huge advocates for this approach to your health which includes nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy and lifestyle advice.

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Meridian Therapy


Your body is made up of electrical pathways and the goal of meridian therapy is to restore the proper flow of information along these meridians or pathways, we do this by using a computerised tool called AcuGraph.

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Success Stories

Bursitis in the Hip

“After having a series of treatments with Mark Hudson my health and the chronic pain in my hip and leg, that I had been experiencing for many months due to bursitis improved immensely.  Before I had seen Mark Hudson, I had visited doctors and a specialist, had no satisfactory improvement and was in constant pain, on crutches and not able to sleep. This has been one of the best decisions I made and wish I had gone to Mark Hudson first instead of being in pain for so long.”

- Sharon


“I came to you several weeks ago with a painful swollen knee – which since has been diagnosed as arthritis, I told you about severe pain under my right shoulder blade and neck.  The shoulder had been so painful for so long, I had been to so many folk, plus Cortisone needles to try and get ease, had been thinking it was something that I had to accept. It would really “drag me down” some days.  The treatment you gave me gave me such relief, I kept thinking it would come back like always it, but it didn’t.

Mark I want to thank you so sincerely as I do each day, as my shoulder is pain free and I have spoken your name to so many.”

- Gwen


Contact Mark

Call  0456 038 139 to make a booking today with Mark or fill out the contact form.