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As the name suggests, naturopathy is taking a natural approach to treating a wide range of conditions and their associated symptoms. At Tas Wellbeing, we are huge advocates for this approach to your health which includes nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy and lifestyle advice. It’s all about getting to the cause of the issue and taking steps to improve your overall health in a non-invasive way. Trust us, you’ll have that spring back in your step in no time!


What can naturopathy do for me?

Naturopathy can get you on the path back to optimum health by getting to the bottom of and treating the cause of your symptoms. Improving your gut health and immune system health are our areas of expertise, and luckily for us (and you!) these happen to be the two most common areas at the heart of many health challenges.

Unlike pharmaceutical medicines which provide relief from symptoms, naturopathy aims to treat the cause of these symptoms and put you on the road to continued improved health. Plus, natural medicine also offers a supportive approach to the treatment of many commonly occurring degenerative issues. Just what is natural medicine, you ask? Treatments include corrective diet, botanical medicine, nutritional medicine and physical medicine such as SCENAR therapy (electro acupuncture) and remedial massage, all available at our clinic in Hobart.


Our naturopath, Mark Hudson

I want to get you feeling your very best so a friendly and professional approach combined with excellent follow up care are an important part of your road to wellness.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional approach as well as excellent follow-up care. As well as our supportive therapies, we stock a wide range of high quality prescribed supplements to give you every opportunity to improve your overall health in the shortest time frame possible.

Your consultation

We want you to get the most out of your treatment with us so here’s all you need to know about our naturopathy consultation process!

Please allow 1.5 hours for your first visit as we get to know you and your health history. During your first visit we’ll conduct two basic tests (see below) which will give us detailed information about your current state of health and allow us to make recommendations to get you feeling great.

Your second visit further reviews the test results and information gathered from your first consult. We will then present you with a proposal for a personalised treatment strategy that includes the information required to improve and maintain your wellbeing.

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Initial consultation tests

‘RBTI’ Analysis

The ‘Reams Biologic Theory of Ionization’ is a series of simple tests carried out on specimens of urine and saliva. The information gained from these tests enables us to monitor complex body functions and provides an insight into the current biochemistry of your body and how it is impacting digestion, gut health and cellular function. With this information we are better informed to begin the process of re-balancing the body. Hooray!

BIO Impedance Analysis

This is a science that was originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery in hospitals. A small electrical device is connected to your hands and feet. The device then passes a safe and painless electrical current through your body.This provides us with valuable data such as muscle and fat mass, cell hydration and cell health. It also enables us to accurately monitor your progress towards better health.

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Depending on your needs, we may also recommend the following:

Food Allergy Testing

Food allergies occur as a result of an excessive immune response to a particular food protein or proteins that are normally harmless to others. These can be caused by numerous factors such as low stomach acid secretion and digestive enzyme production. Your gut microbiome also has a significant role to play in food allergies. As a rule food allergy testing is only recommended where there are strong indicators for a frank allergic reaction such as Coeliacs disease. Most of the allergies presenting in our clinic are classified as “food intolerance”. These are generally more subtle in their symptoms and are well handled with other methods of detection.

Medical Testing

We may recommend a visit to your GP for further medical testing if indicated.

Let us help you on your way to feeling your best! Contact us to arrange a consultation.

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