Tas Wellbeing Success Stories 


Nathan Earle - professional cyclist


“I have had a bad back now for a number of years and whilst the majority of the time I don’t do anything about it, other than pain killers and anti inflammatories this time I took a different path. Friends told me about the wonderful results they were getting from Mark Hudson at Tas Wellbeing, so I thought why not. Well I am so glad I did. Whilst the treatment is quite different and you need to be prepared to be open for it, I can assure you that from the very first session I felt relief.  Did it hurt, yes at times it did, but Mark coaches you through it and tells you everything he is doing and why. I love the whole holistic approach to repairing my back and a bonus is that Mark is such a lovely person, so gentle and kind. I honestly can say that the results speak for themselves. Give it a go you have nothing to lose.”

- Fransina

Around 6 years ago I damaged my right knee in a work injury, which subsequently required an arthroscopy to remove some of the torn meniscus along with a saline flush to remove aggravating debris. This gave me relief from pain and movement until I required another arthroscopy to investigate the ongoing pain and immobility of my right knee. The problem had flared again and the options of a knee replacement/reconstruction were discussed with my orthopedic surgeon.

After the first 1 hour treatment with his Scenar it was a miraculous outcome. I walked freely to my car and was very elated for the rest of the day. Some pain returned the next day for a matter of minutes and then subsided. I have now had 5 one hour treatments over the past 2 months, and I have advised Mark he has lost himself another customer… I no longer limp (except after an exceptionally hard day of manual labour which subsides after rest), there is an occasional pain spasm from time to time… but all in all I am absolutely pain free.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending this treatment to any person suffering any physical ailment associated with pain.



“I came to know Mark thru a work sponsored “wellness” check-up, I found Mark to be knowledgeable, informative, approachable and  pragmatic.

Shortly thereafter I contacted mark in relation to my health goals of basically wanting to getting “well”, whatever that meant - as I was overweight, unfit, stressed out and tired.

 I had the attitude that I wasn’t after a weight loss program, but if weight loss and a general improvement in my health came about thru my involvement in a wellness regime that was realistic, achievable and sustainable thru everyday family life that didn’t include an hour a day in a gym and sustenance drinks from a pharmacy then that would be good.

I have undertaken a program with Mark that is realistic and sustainable, and I have achieved an overall improvement in my health with a lifestyle regime that is sustainable and realistic. 

Occasionally I still have bad days but Mark has given me the tools to monitor and assess and get back on track in a way that balanced and forms part of our normal family and social life and regimes.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark “


“After 11 years of being at home raising 4 children I was tired!   In fact it was getiing worse.  I was having days where I would wake up and not know how I was going to cope with everything I had to do that day.  I felt irritable most of the time and often felt like I had no energy.  It had got to the point where I knew I had to do something or I was going to be in a bad way, and what’s more I was ready for things to change.

It was at this point that I went to see Mark Hudson.  I had seen a naturopath before and knew that I wanted a whole body/lifestyle change rather than a ‘quick fix’, or drugs to prop me up.

I followed all Marks recommendations, and they covered a whole lot of lifestyle changes.  But I noticed as I went along, that week by week my energy gradually improved and my irritability started to decrease!

I has been 3 months now since I first started, and while some changes have been harder than others the results have been worth it.  I am no longer irritable all the time, I have heaps more energy, I sleep much better, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, but more importantly I feel that I have been taught the principles of living a healthy lifestyle.  I now have the power to change what I do and choose the best life for me.”



Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthiritis

“Just wanted to send a big thank you for the caring treatment I have received from your Centre.  After many years of pain and stiffness from Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis I feel I have finally turned a corner and now have hope for a better quality of life and certainly more energy to enjoy it.  I had been on anti-inflammatory meds in the past and these didn’t help much (even after being told to double the dose) so had been looking at “alternative” options. Passing your Centre one day I casually took a brochure from the footpath stand and read it over the weekend.  I decided to give some treatments a go and was pleasantly surprised when booking an appointment that I could do a complete “Wellness Pack”. I found the information given, the treatments and tests to be very hopeful and clear to understand and follow. I got particularly good results with the SCENAR treatment and found the dietary advice and supplements recommended extremely helpful.

You are a wonderful caring team and I would recommend anyone seeking to take control of their health to give you a call.”


“I’m really impressed with yesterdays SCENAR treatment.

I woke up feeling normal but energized. I noticed my hips felt even.  My spine flexible and happy. C6/7 no pain at all and all moves glide.

Off to a full day and feel full of energy.”



Shoulder Pain

“I came to you several weeks ago with a painful swollen knee – which since has been diagnosed as arthritis, I told you about severe pain under my right shoulder blade and neck.  The shoulder had been so painful for so long, I had been to so many folk, plus Cortisone needles to try and get ease, had been thinking it was something that I had to accept. It would really “drag me down” some days.  The treatment you gave me gave me such relief, I kept thinking it would come back like always it, but it didn’t.

Mark I want to thank you so sincerely as I do each day, as my shoulder is pain free and I have spoken your name to so many.”

- Gwen

Bursitis in the Hip  

“After having a series of treatments with Mark Hudson my health and the chronic pain in my hip and leg, that I had been experiencing for many months due to bursitis improved immensely.  Before I had seen Mark Hudson, I had visited doctors and a specialist, had no satisfactory improvement and was in constant pain, on crutches and not able to sleep. This has been one of the best decisions I made and wish I had gone to Mark Hudson first instead of being in pain for so long.”

- Sharon



“In early 2002 when I was 13 I fell down some stairs and injured my lower back, since then I have been in constant pain.  I had tried numerous things over the years to try and relieve the pain but nothing has worked. After seeing an advertisement on TV for Mark Hudson and the SCENAR therapy my Mum suggested that I should try it.  I was a little unsure about trying it, having tried other things only to end up disappointed, but with some encouragement form Mum I made an appointment. After the first treatment I was surprised to have pain relief, something I haven’t had for almost 7 years.  Now after 7 treatments my pain is at a manageable level.”



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