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Electro Acupuncture Hobart | SCENAR Therapy

This revolutionary and non-invasive treatment can be used standalone or in conjunction with other therapy techniques (such as remedial massage) to not only offer effective, natural pain relief and relief from inflammation, but also speed up the natural healing processes of the body to get you feeling better, faster!

Why SCENAR Therapy?

First and foremost, no needles! Unlike traditional acupuncture, this form of electro acupuncture is operated by a small, handheld device which when placed on the skin delivers painless electrical stimulation to the area/s causing you pain or discomfort. The results speak for themselves, we frequently see fantastic outcomes in cases of acute injury or pain which have failed to respond to other forms of therapy. SCENAR therapy provides natural pain relief which means often you can say goodbye to common pain management methods and anti inflammatory medications.

Plus, here’s a fun fact: this device was first designed for astronauts in the late 1970s to help overcome the unique problems associated with long periods of weightlessness!


How long is the session?

To allow us to assess your needs and provide appropriate treatment, the first session will be 1 hour. All sessions following your initial session will be 45 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions depends on:

  • Your overall health

  • The nature or source of your condition

  • How long you have held a particular injury

For minor injuries and acute issues, between 2-4 electro acupuncture sessions may be sufficient. Older injuries will generally require additional sessions.

Tell me more about how it works?

Over time, pain and discomfort can be accepted by the brain as being normal. SCENAR therapy works by interrupting this communication pathway between the brain and the affected body part, resulting in natural pain relief. Because of the way electro acupuncture works, the results are long lasting or even permanent in cases where your body is able to heal the injured tissue. The electrical signal also stimulates specific nerve fibres to produce biochemicals that are naturally produced by your body, called neuropeptides. Much like having your own internal pharmacy, they work to reduce inflammation and allow your body to heal itself.

If you would like to discuss how the use of electro acupuncture can help you, get in touch today!